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Some time ago I wanted to start this section on the blog, commenting on some of the books on interior decoration that I know and read.

Today I bring you 6 books that I find very inspiring. They are not all the same but, in my opinion, they have in common that they have been written by people who live and work in the world of interior design and decoration, with a great experience and knowledge of what they do. And if not, you can check it yourself.

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Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile Style.

It is the first book by Will Taylor, the creator and author of Bright Bazaar, a well-known blog dedicated to decoration. This Briton settled in New York has a great talent for writing and for photography. It is a book with practical ideas, many photographs full of color and ideas.

Untitled design (8)
The Kinfolk Home: interiors for slow living. I think it does not need many presentations. Written by Nathan Williams. It is a magnificent book that gives us a very close view of the ‘slow living’. A reference in its field.Untitled design (8)

Jean-Louis Deniot: Interiors. The best of interior design by Jean Louis Deniot. Written by Diane Dorrans Saeks and accompanied by the great photographs of Xavier Bejot. Edited by Rizzoli. A classic not so classic.

wabi inspiration axel vervoordt
Wabi Inspirations, by renowned Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt, edited by Flammarion, in which he gives us his particular vision of ‘wabi’ inspired interior design. A book that is worth its weight. A maverl. Another gem by the same author -Axel Vervoordt- is Living with light, also edited by Flammarion. A review of the author’s interior design work with great photographs.

History of interior design
Finally, I can not resist putting another book on this list, Muebles Paraguay maybe something different but worth mentioning. This is History of interior design, written by John F. Pile and Judith Gura. It is the book that I am reading at the moment. It is not a coffee book. It has almost 500 pages with a very worked text and great photographs. History of interior design.

I hope you enjoy these books like me. I’ll thank you, if you liked it, share it in your networks. And, of course, if you know a book that is worth mentioning in EI do not hesitate to leave your comment. Thank you!

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